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Gordon Island : video onboard the Juan sa Bulan 3 1024 510 Boreal Yachts

Gordon Island : video onboard the Juan sa Bulan 3

First-born of the Boreal 44, the Juan sa Bulan 3…

…belongs to both Jean-François.

Since Juanary 2014 and the long cruise of JF Delvoye and his 4 children to South Georgia from the Malouines, the Juan sa Bulan 3 is based in the South, between Ushuaia and Puerto Williams.

This Boreal 44 at the heart of Boreal’s excellence.

Juan sa Bulan 3 is the perfect yacht for her owners to live their passion for sailing with their families and friends. But she is also te best way to test their product, conceive and experiment new ideas nurtured from experience.

This time JFE brought back a video from this cruise

In January 2015, it was Jean-François Eeman’s turn to sail away with 4 friends for a cruise along the Patagonian canals. It has to be said that JFE loves this part of the world, he already came 3 times by boat, he lived onboard with his wife for a year and he was sailing there for the 10th time… If you’re looking for an expert…

They left from Ushuaia, toured around the Gordon Island after the Beagle’s canal. And with luck, they only got 2 days of rain out of 3 weeks of sailing (the exact opposite of JFD). Proof on the video !

When “Coyote” meets “Sila” 1024 768 Boreal Yachts

When “Coyote” meets “Sila”

Unlikely !

On this picture « Coyote » (Boreal 44) is arriving at the Easter Island, coming from Tahiti. read more