From the lone designer…

The first Boreal, born from note- and sketchbooks

written during the Delvoye’s first family trip. This 6 year trip took Jean-François, his wife and their four children around the world on the 12 meter yacht he built himself, in his garden. From the Mediterranean sea to Cape Verde, from Brazil to Argentina, the apotheosis of this long trip certainly was the two years spent wandering in Patagonia’s canals.

Six years spent by Jean-François asking himself and the sailors they met “what is missing from our boat to make it the best yacht in the world ?”. And it is true to say that the question benefited greatly from their port-calls and encounters with Philippe Poupon, Oleg Belly, Alain Caradec, Bertrand Dubois and many others.

Coming back to France, the idea was to make the best of all the experiences they accumulated to design and build the almost perfect boat to leave for new adventures with the family.

« Six years sailing around the world with 4 children on board gives you an idea of what is essential.» 

Jean-François Delvoye

That was the start of the Boreal 50…

A 15 meter aluminum boat that Jean-François draw in every details in 3D on his computer. The original project, to build and sail oceans again, quickly went awry… Two yachts were sold before the prototype even touched the water…

The company “Boréal” was created in 2005, a little bit by chance, with three clients, experimented sailors all totally convinced by the concept. The first sea trials totally validated the specifications.


… To the encounter of two sailors

In 2010, Jean-François Delvoye joins up with another Jean-François, Jean-François Eeman.

They met a few years before on a pontoon of Ushuaia.It is for him and his family that the first Boréal 44 was built.

Two sailors with complementary profiles. One knows “his” yachts by heart.

He draws them all and he has built the first one with his own bare hands. He is the head of the design and engineering team.

The other one has always been involved in the world of yachting.

He worked for the biggest sailing events in the world and through his companies he took more than 50 000 people to sea. A good racer, he took his first “long trip” at the end of his studies onboard an 18 feet yacht… At Boréal, he takes care of the clients and supports their projects all the way.

Together or by turn, they navigate the oceans on their Boréal 44.