Boréal brokerage

Most of our Boréal are still in the hands of the owners for whom we have build them.
However, from time to time it happens that a Boréal is put on sale.

It is then quite natural that the owner turns to us. And we are happy to help a potential owner to find his pre-owned Boréal.

And who could possibly better know  Boréal than we do ?

Boréal 47 – Year 2018

Boréal 47 – Year 2018 1024 683 Boreal Yachts

We have launched this Boréal 47 in April 2018. Her maiden trip took her to the Lofoten and back to France, where she has now been put on sale. This boat is (almost) as new. She comes with a very long list of extra equipment and is ready to go to whatever destination… The vessel is…