• 14 October 2014

Boreal 52 « Nordlicht », tested in the next “Voiles et Voiliers” magazine

Boreal 52 « Nordlicht », tested in the next “Voiles et Voiliers” magazine

Boreal 52 « Nordlicht », tested in the next “Voiles et Voiliers” magazine 1024 768 Boreal Yachts

Ulrich et Christiane have been kind enough to let us borrow the Nordlicht during the boatshow “le Grand Pavois de La Rochelle” for some media testings and the election of the “Voilier de l’année” in France and of the “European Yacht of the Year”.

So we tested the first Boreal 52 between La Rochelle and Rochefort with Jean-Luc Gourmelen, Voiles et Voiliers’ journalist.

Far from the classical few hours test, we lived together on board for two days and tried out everything on board.

On this first day, wind missing, we focused on testing the Sun Deck, the quarter deck of the yacht.

  • Maria 5 February 2015 at 2 h 46 min

    I really Love you, your history, the compañy, everything. Is there any place in Spain, where we can see the Boat?
    Sorry , I dont speak french And my inglis is very bad.
    And in spanish:
    Os los dire, en español, me chifla, me encanta vuestra historia, la idea, la pasión, lo valientes que sois en crear algo desde cero, pero con la tremenda experiencia de haber navegado por el mundo. Gracias por hacerme soñar al leeros. Donde podría ver vuestro barco?

  • Maria 5 February 2015 at 2 h 55 min

    Oh!!! One thing more, Cloud you Send us moré detalles of your Boreal 52!!!!! Thanks!!!! Mil Gracias

  • Giorgio Aru 14 February 2015 at 21 h 25 min

    Please send mw specs for the Boreal 52 and 55 and prices in Euros LOADED. Thanks, Giorgio

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