• 1 September 2014

When “Coyote” meets “Sila”

When “Coyote” meets “Sila”

When “Coyote” meets “Sila” 1024 768 Boreal Yachts

Unlikely !

On this picture « Coyote » (Boreal 44) is arriving at the Easter Island, coming from Tahiti.
What’s unlikely ? It’s the fact that this picture comes from Christopher, Boreal 47 « Sila »’s skipper who was coming from the Galapagos and arrived a few days before at Rapa Nui…

Michel is sailing on board his Coyote with friends. He has left Treguier in October 2013 while Christopher (Boreal 47 « Sila ») sailing with his wife and their two sons, casted off his moorings beginning of the same summer.
The two crews already crossed paths in the Caribbean sea.

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  • John Twaalfhoven 2 November 2015 at 14 h 54 min

    Hello Jean Francois
    If you are willing to give me the email of Christopher of Boréal Sila, I can explain what went wrong with the auto pilot of Dutch.
    Maybe this helps him find the issue. Wrong repair, as was done for us in Scotland, did not solve the issue.


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